Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Your own Units

I see all sorts of gorgeous printables and units on the various blogs that I visit.  They are intricate units and simple printable that look absolutely gorgeous.  My question to you is how??  Where do the graphics come from so that you can give away your packets or even sell them.  How do you make sure that you aren't copying someone else's idea?  I would love to start doing this for myself so I guess I am asking.. where do you start?

Please share any ideas you may have.  If I can learn how to jump into this great trend I would love to share my own ideas with all those that have given me inspiration.  YOU!

Watch for my next post on the classroom environment.  I am reading Teaching With Intention and want to share my ideas as well as yours!


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  1. Hi, Kelley! I buy graphics from Scrappin' Doodle. They have the policy posted on the website for using their graphics. There are a couple specific designers that have additional rules for using their graphics, just read their policies carefully. I try to get ideas from checking out products created by other bloggers and who they site as their "sources".

    I have been blogging and creating for a while, but have the same questions you do. I am especially concerned about what constitutes an original idea and that has held me back from sharing a lot and selling products. It seems like there is a lot of discussion about this issue on blogs and it's confusing. I don't want to think I created something really creative and then find out that it is already out there.

    I started with, and continue, to share things that I have created for my own use as I create them - which means I haven't done too much yet. I would like to go through my creations as the school year progresses and post things I have made as I use them again.

    Good luck and I can't wait to hear your ideas!